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When they feel isolated,
your top performers
think about quitting.


We help keep your top talent feeling supported, connected, and inspired
in as little as one hour per trip.

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We are a professional perk,
but our benefit is deeply personal

When we asked women what they dislike the most about business travel, it was commonly the isolation, burnout, and feeling of wasted downtime.

When asked about what they loved, they spoke about feeling powerful navigating a new place, highly capable at executing their job, and excited to experience new places that they otherwise wouldn't have seen.


The distinguishing factor between their positive experiences and negative ones was often something that took less than an hour, but transformed the trip into a memorable personal experience:

  • Walking to a destination someone recommended

  • A chance encounter that sparked a meaningful interaction

  • Taking photos of "their adventure" that they could share back home 

And these didn't cost the company anything.

Your employees encounter more than you know.


of women experienced a safety incident while traveling for business in the past year.

Source: GBTA and AIG Travel Survey 2018

Why our membership
should be covered in
your benefits.


Duty of Care is everyone's responsibility.

84% reported that their employers either did not provide travel safety tips/resources or that they weren’t aware of any such tools.


Navigating without guidance increases risk.

  • Women may not feel comfortable asking their male bosses or colleagues for advice on certain situations, because they don't want to seem "difficult", limit their opportunities for future trips, or impact their career track.

  • So they either navigate the stress alone or sometimes put themselves in risky situations that could be avoided.


Work-life balance and mental wellness.

  • Connection is a human need, and the road can be incredibly isolating.

  • Many women have used tools like Tinder just to have someone to talk to over dinner. Let's give them a safer alternative.


Safety concerns impacts productivity.

  • 80% of women experiencing an incident said it impacted productivity.

  • 63% of women think about safety "always" or "frequently" while traveling.


Keep women on paths to leadership.

  • Travel often increases as you rise in your career, yet it is also a driving factor in whether women apply for (or stay in) those types of roles.

  • By transforming the experience into a benefit, women may stay on those path to leadership longer.


Build powerful, resourceful employees.

  • Employees with strong networks perform better, because they have access to resources, solutions, and people that they can tap into quickly.

  • We help travelers and remote employees network during their downtime.

  • And no, it doesn't mean they'll just leave you - employees who feel valued and supported aren't looking for reasons to leave. Instead, it's often an opportunity for them to brag about how great it is to work with a company that takes care of them.

Source: GBTA and AIG Travel Survey 2018

If your company is committed to helping women grow further and rise higher in their careers, 

let's partner.

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Help transform the business travel experience for women.
For good.

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