You know that excited feeling when you're about to take off?

It's like that, but for your career, travel, and life.
Plane on Runway
Women Laughing on Couch

What if you could...

  • Turn business trips into an adventure.

  • Transform solo dinners into powerful connections.

  • Achieve your goals more consistently with others.

  • Navigate new places and situations more confidently.

  • Find trusted advice from those who relate.

With the support, camaraderie, and trailblazing energy from women
who get what you're trying to achieve.

Because they've done it.

Pursue the path less traveled.
With others on the path.

Whether locally or virtually, we rise.

Build a powerful network of women on your career path.

Navigate your job like a pro and new cities like a local.

Learn the best places to eat, explore, and entertain clients.

Ask the questions you don't feel comfortable asking your boss.

Level up together, with our virtual book club, challenges, & events

Meet up with other in-town members for dinner & activities.

Are you who we've been looking for?

  • Do you typically travel at least 6 times per year for work or conferences and want to enjoy it more?

  • Do you want to expand your network, but find that big events feel too transactional?

  • Do you prefer networking in small groups (or virtually) vs. crowded events?

  • Do you feel inspired when you meet ambitious women?


  • Do you wish you knew more women peers at your level?

  • Do you love mentor conversations, but rarely have the time?


  • Do you ever feel like you are burning time or missing out when traveling?

  • Do you want to make meaningful connections, rather than being sold to?

  • Are you the type who shows up to their big goals in their career AND life?

Rearview of a Woman

Experience better
with fellow go-getters.

Meet locally,
network socially.

Headed to Boston this Wednesday and made a reservation for 4 people at Row 34 (the best seafood). Who wants to join in?

Who else is going to the Women In Tech conference in LA? Let's get a group to do a sightseeing tour after!

I'm in Dubai for a 3 week project. I'd love to line up some dinners and maybe one of those camel safaris?!?

Level up

Just finished the book for leadership book club on the plane! I'll be joining from Austin!

I am presenting at a conference and I'm pretty nervous. What videos or exercises have you used to prep before?

I'm pursuing my Project Management Professional certification (PMP). What resources do you recommend, or anyone want to form an accountability group?

Get advice from those who know.

What is a stylish, trendy restaurant in Dallas, that is quiet enough for conversation? (Client dinner)

I'm a new leader on a team (only woman) and we are going on a week-long trip. Any advice on striking a balance of encouraging team bonding but also maintaining boundaries? 

Who has added a personal day to a trip? How did you approach getting that approved with your boss?

Let's rise to the occasion.

Achieve your biggest goals.
Live your boldest life.
Take the fun photos.

Create memorable connections.