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We are created by women, for women.

To change the world.


We are a community that connects ambitious women who travel often for work. 


Our community hub, local recommendations, and virtual events can be accessed on-the-go, so you can enjoy a more inspired and connected journey with others like you.


Our members also use our platform to meet up locally with other members in their hometowns and destinations for dinner, drinks, or exploring new locations with others.


We aim to transform our precious downtime into a connected, inspiring, and adventurous experience, so that more women keep rising in their careers while also enjoying a lifestyle they love.

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To make solo journeys feel more

connected, inspired, and rewarding,

so that more women keep rising on ambitious paths.


To connect the global workforce of women travelers, so that any woman can show up in any city and enjoy

a seat at an inspiring table,

an adventure beyond work,

and a story to bring home,

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I'm Chelsea

Road warrior | Former expat | MBA | VP in Banking & Marketing | Global traveler 


I started down the path of creating this community out of a need that I experienced several times throughout my career.


I've always had ambitious career goals and wanted to rise as fast as possible. As a result, I've moved to several cities, been an expat in London, lived in Shanghai briefly, took a break to get an MBA degree, changed industries from the world of Advertising to the world of Banking, managed millions in my 20's and billions in my 30's, and took on roles in media, marketing, and product management in pursuing the path to the future C-suite. And I've absolutely loved it. Well, most of it.

I've learned 3 recurring insights on this journey so far:

  • The phases when my career catapulted forward were when I had access to inspiring women peers and leaders (and it plateaued when I was navigating on my own).​​

  • As you rise in your career (and get older), it gets harder to organically meet and forge relationships with new women peers and mentors -- everyone is crazy busy and constantly on the move.

  • I love to travel solo, but I simply don't enjoy sitting alone at a bar or restaurant. 

This may not be groundbreaking news, but it is important, because the way we spend our days is ultimately the way we spend our lives.


The more I traveled and worked remotely, the more I started to realize that I was spending increasing amounts time on my own -- navigating both time and big decisions in an isolated bubble.


As someone who loves to seize new opportunities, plan epic vacations, and try new things, I started to become increasingly aware of the time I was spending sitting alone in hotel rooms, missing out on experiencing my destinations fully, and returning home feeling drained. 

Careers are dynamic, so there may be phases where you are traveling every week or perhaps just a few times a year. However, it hits me every time I am navigating a new city or situation alone:


"This would be so much more fun if it was easier to meet interesting women in the same situation. This hotel itself probably has 30 other women doing the same thing -- wouldn't it be fun to meet for dinner or a drink and actually enjoy an evening in this city?

Whether we talked about careers, our destinations, about life, or simply just experience something new, it'd be a memorable experience and may spark a meaningful conversation."

I created JETPACK WOMEN to make it easier to meet inspiring women that I wouldn't normally bump into -- both on the road and in my home city. Because who doesn't want their journeys to feel more connected, their careers to feel more inspired, and their lives to feel more adventurous. We all do.

So, whether you are actively traveling, currently working remotely, or uncertain what your future working lifestyle will be, we are starting to gather our community of horizon-chasers now. 

We are building something special here.

And we might just be exactly what you've been missing.

Let's rise.


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