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When you're
flying solo,

land with us.

Join the private club of women business travelers who rise to connect, achieve, and experience more.

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JETPACK WOMEN are powerhouse women who travel often and lead remotely.


We are capable, confident, and downright experts at taking care of business on the road. 


We also know what it's like to go to an exciting place and barely see it. Why? It's just not that much fun to go to restaurants or the hotel bar on your own, and safety is top of mind when traveling solo.


So we end up spending a lot of time alone in hotel rooms, working long past our productive hours,  and feeling that twinge of FOMO from missing out on experiences both at home and our destinations.


But now, the world has changed, and so have our priorities with how we spend our time. 

We aren't content with going back to sitting in hotel rooms and living on the sidelines.

We are showing up in a new way.

For both ourselves and others like us. Together.

So, are you with us?

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To transform solo journeys
into connected adventures

that keep ambitious women 
rising in their careers
and thriving in their lives.

Coffee with Friends


In our community hub to share career advice, travel hacks, and local tips.


In GoalGetter groups to get inspired and to level up faster together.


In real life, over dinner, drinks, or local activities with others.


Ok, that sounds pretty awesome.


What a game-changer. I wish I had this the last 10 years I spent on the road!

Traveling by Air


I don't currently travel for my role -- can I still join?

Yes! We know that travel can vary with different roles (and with different stages of the pandemic). Plus, you probably also have past experience or local recommendations that could be helpful to others. We focus on bringing together brave women who know what it's like to pursue ambitious paths on their own -- women who aren't afraid to jump on planes, show up in new places, and invest in themselves -- whether it reflects your current day-to-day or not. Part of our content is geared towards business travel topics, but a lot of the true value is meaningfully connecting with other ambitious women, leveling up with others while working remotely, and experiencing more "life" in your busy career.

What do you mean by "for women"?

We use an inclusive definition of "women" and invite anyone who identifies as a woman or as non-binary to join. We commit to fostering a community based on respect, so that members feel comfortable sharing their unique experiences. Our members recognize that there can be challenges with navigating certain travel and professional situations as a woman, and this is a safe space to share those and get advice.

Can I expense my membership?

Often times, yes! For employees - Many members are able to expenses their membership as a professional development, diversity & inclusion, or travel benefit (to promote women's safety while traveling). It is worth chatting with your manager or HR team to discuss if this is an option for you. For business owners - Many members are able to treat this as a tax deductible expense -- please speak with your tax professional to see if this applies to you.

I represent a brand that would like to support this community further -- how can I get involved?

Do you have a product, service, or discount that our members would enjoy? We are always on the hunt for new benefits, discounts, samples, and upgrades that we can provide to our members to support their goals and lifestyle. Do you have information or resources that our members may find valuable? We love content partnerships covering the travel industry, local destination guides, cultural uides, career guides, and executive development content. We also offer sponsorship opportunities for companies that are supporting the needs of professional women, who are passionate about creating leadership paths for women, and who align with our mission. We are also open to Please fill out the "contact us" form so that we can discuss further.

This would be a great benefit to support our women employees -- do you have corporate packages?

We do offer corporate membership packages! Just fill out the Contact Us form and we can discuss the details.

How do local meet-ups work? (For dinner, drinks, activities, etc.)

It's simple and casual. If you have an idea (or check our member recommendations for inspiration!) just post it and others can RSVP to join.

  • For dinners, the initiating member typically makes a reservation (e.g. for 4-6 seats). If you get a group of 4 -- great! One person -- perfect! No one -- it's all good! (You can just do what you normally do, and try again another night!)
  • This is an extremely low risk, high reward way to enjoy an hour on each trip :)
How does paying work? Separate checks = stress free.
  • We always order and pay individually.
    • E.g. Ask for separate checks at the beginning, order your own drinks from the bar, or book your own tickets for activities.
  • Our members know that we all have different rules and thresholds for travel expenses, so there's no awkwardness. It's a lot more simple than doing "rounds" or dividing checks, and keeps it all easy, safe, and flexible.
So...what will we talk about?
  • Depends on the vibe of the group! This is not an intense "networking" experience -- it's simply a few busy women taking out time from a crazy schedule to relax, enjoy a new experience, and to learn about someone new.
  • So, whether you end up swapping tips for fun things you were thinking about squeezing in on the trip, or chatting about career goals, or learning what it's like to live in a different place, these conversations tend to flow effortlessly.
  • Are you an introvert? We also have a fun question game that takes all of the effort out of sparking meaningful conversations (and therefore connections).
The best part? No need to ask for business cards.
  • You'll see everyone who RSVP'd and can connect back on the hub at any time in the future. We may even send you friendly reminders to check back in since we know that life gets busy.

I'm traveling with a male colleague, can he tag along?

We are not intending to be exclusionary -- we are simply looking to create opportunities for women to feel comfortable meeting up. So, men are definitely welcome as a guest of a member BUT we ask that you first check if it is ok with the person who initiated the invitation and the others who have RSVP'd. It can shift the vibe (and you never know what safety concerns others may have experienced), so if the other guests aren't on board then just create your own new invite!

So what exactly is JETPACK WOMEN?

We are a community and platform that helps connect ambitious women who travel often for work. Our community hub, local recommendations, and virtual events can be accessed on-the-go, so you can enjoy a more inspired and connected journey with others like you. Our members also use our platform to meet up with other members in their hometowns and destinations for dinner, drinks, or exploring new locations with others. We aim to transform the downtime in business travel into a connected, inspiring, and adventurous experience, so that more women keep rising in their careers while also enjoying a lifestyle they love.

So, there's a pandemic out there...

Oof, we know. Our first priority is keeping our members safe (as well as preventing any unnecessary spread of COVID-19 as responsible travelers). Therefore, we strongly recommend that all members adhere to local guildelines while traveling and highly encourage all members to get vaccinated if available to them. If you are traveling and meeting up with members, we do expect members to take precautions to keep themselves and others safe, and we recognize that guidelines can vary regionally and change often. And of course everyone can connect within their comfort levels virtually via our online community. Our goal is to be super-stars, not super-spreaders ;)


We may go solo,

but we aren't alone.